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Musings, and groups lacunæ

A warning before I begin: this post will be rather more stream-of-consciousness than most.

Firstly, I want to welcome everyone who’s reading my scribblings. I didn’t really expect more than a handful of people to look at me regularly, but in the last few days this thing has really taken off. Credit must be given where due, though: if I have received so many hits it is by being linked to by giants.

After toying with some of the site statistics tools I’ve seen a number of the links in, and what (if anything) is being said there. I must say it’s been generally positive. One commentary, though, sticks in my mind. In a comment here Anatoly Vorobey expresses some doubts about my project of describing group theory, among other things, to a generally interested lay audience. I’ll go into his misgivings in general and his specific points after the jump.
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