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More things that annoy me on the job hunt

Someone I know at one of the schools I applied to let me know that my application packet doesn’t have a teaching or research statement. Did I do something wrong? I went back to MathJobs and checked the application status form. It didn’t request them. I checked the job ad. Also didn’t request them.

Is this standard operating procedure, to tacitly require application materials not requested in the job ad? I’d noticed others that seemed to have rather thin requests for documents. Am I not hearing from them because I didn’t send them documents they didn’t ask for? Was I supposed to use telepathy to determine what they really wanted me to send?


March 26, 2007 - Posted by | rants

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  1. Dear John,

    When I applied for various jobs, I asked a colleague who had been on numerous hiring committees about this: he told me that although these documents may not be required, most (almost all?) applicants include them anyway. Thus, however annoying it is, telepathy would be an asset.

    Also, I suspect you aren’t hearing from them because they lack the basic decency, and politeness, to write to you. I suppose that because they receive more than a hundred applications for each job, applicants just become sheets of paper, and only the finalists gain the right to physically exist (and yes, I am also annoyed with this).

    Comment by Zorro | March 28, 2007 | Reply

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