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Todd Trimble pointed out to me a mistake I made in saying that internalizations commute. I glossed over a number of important subtleties and he set me straight.

Now I’m just getting back from a visit to Bourbon Street, since the real intarwobs and television won’t be reaching my apartment until Wednesday morning. I’ve skimmed his points and they check out, but I invite him to post them here as a comment so I don’t mangle them. Basically, I think I’m “morally” right (and I’m sure I’ve read John Baez saying somthing along these lines), but I’ve messed something up in my presentation as I attempt to get back in the saddle. I’d be glad of any clarification that can be made to see where I’ve gone Pete Tong.

These last two posts are sort of the tail end of internalization anyhow, and I was planning on moving on to something new on Monday. If they’re a little messy, so be it.


August 12, 2007 Posted by | Category theory | 1 Comment