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I think I’m done with categories qua categories for now, and am ready to move on to another subject for a little while. But before I do, I’m going to take a little break and finally get down to this restructuring of the subjects listed on the right. It’ll also give me some time to catch up on some stuff in the real world that needs doing.

The RSS feed will probably be going nuts with updates to posts as I crawl through the archives and relabel things. My apologies in advance.

[UPDATE]: I’ve finished the group theory archives. Unfortunately, the “category” bar on the right seems to not indent nested categories in this theme. Sort of annoying…

[UPDATE]: There seems to be a bug with subcategories on WordPress today, and I’m not the only one having it. So I’ll have to hold off on refining the rings and categories topics until later. In the meantime, I’ve reworked the sidebars a bit, including a search field!

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