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Drafting a Paper

Long-time readers may remember that back in September I went to a conference at the University of Texas at Tyler. Well, it turns out that the AMS wants to publish a proceedings of the conference. So I’m trying to throw together a paper on the stuff I was talking about.

As I’m doing so, I’m recognizing that one part of my original talk — the whole business about anafunctors — isn’t quite ready for prime-time, and the whole thing hangs together better without it. And this brings up the design philosophy I talked about recently. In this case, writing the smaller paper first is being sort of forced on me by a short deadline.

Still, it’s crunch time, and I’m trying to crank this paper out while also teaching, applying for jobs, and dealing with car troubles you wouldn’t even believe. I don’t really feel like working up the next post in the calculus series today, and so I thought I’d toss up an alpha version of the paper. I’ll keep tweaking it, and replacing the version here as I finish more chunks, until I get to a beta version, which I’ll update here and post to the arXiv.

One particular note on the incompleteness: I haven’t even started writing the introductory section or the abstract yet. I’m finding that I tend to do better if I just dive into the mathematics and then come back later to say what I said.

And finally: it looks like I’ll be talking about this stuff at the University of Pennsylvania on March 19. Mark your calendars!

[UPDATE] 02/26: Still sans abstract and intro, but with all mathematical content there, I present a new version. Bibliography suggestions are particularly appreciated (thanks Scott).

[UPDATE] 03/04: Now with the abstract and introduction, a beta version. Bibliography suggestions would still be appreciated.


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