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Independence of Intertwinors from Semistandard Tableaux

Let’s start with the semistandard generalized tableaux T\in T_{\lambda\mu}^0 and use them to construct intertwinors \bar{\theta}_T:\hom(S^\lambda,M^\mu). I say that this collection is linearly independent.

Indeed, let’s index the semistandard generalized tableaux as T_1,\dots,T_m. We will take our reference tableau t and show that the vectors \bar{\theta}_{T_i}(e_t)\in M^\mu are independent. This will show that the \bar{\theta}_{T_i} are independent, since any linear dependence between the operators would immediately give a linear dependence between the \bar{\theta}_{T_i}(v) for all v\in S^\lambda.

Anyway, we have


Since we assumed T_i to be semistandard, we know that [T_i]\triangleright[S] for all summands S\in\theta_{T_i}(\{t\}). Now the permutations in \kappa_t do not change column equivalence classes, so this still holds: [T_i]\triangleright[S] for all summands S\in\kappa_t\theta_{T_i}(\{t\}). And further all the [T_i] are distinct since no column equivalence class can contain more than one semistandard tableau.

But now we can go back to the lemma we used when showing that the standard polytabloids were independent! The \kappa_t\theta_{T_i}(\{t\})=\bar{\theta}(e_t) are a collection of vectors in M^\mu. For each one, we can pick a basis vector [T_i] which is maximum among all those having a nonzero coefficient in the vector, and these selected maximum basis elements are all distinct. We conclude that our collection of vectors in independent, and then it follows that the intertwinors \bar{\theta}_{T_i} are independent.

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