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Intertwinors from Semistandard Tableaux Span, part 1

Now that we’ve shown the intertwinors that come from semistandard tableaux are independent, we want to show that they span the space \hom(S^\lambda,M^\mu). This is a bit fidgety, but should somewhat resemble the way we showed that standard polytabloids span Specht modules.

So, let \theta\in\hom(S^\lambda,M^\mu) be any intertwinor, and write out the image


Here we’re implicitly using the fact that \mathbb{C}[T_{\lambda\mu}]\cong M^\mu.

First of all, I say that if \pi\in C_t and T_1=\pi T_2, then the coefficients of T_1 and T_2 differ by a factor of \mathrm{sgn}(\pi). Indeed, we calculate


This tells us that


Comparing coefficients on the left and right gives us our assertion.

As an immediate corollary to this lemma, we conclude that if T has a repetition in some column, then c_T=0. Indeed, we can let \pi be the permutation that swaps the places of these two identical entries. Then T=\pi T, while the previous result tells us that c_T=\mathrm{sgn}c_T=-c_T, and so c_T=0.

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