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Lie Algebras

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May 17, 2011 - Posted by | Algebra, Lie Algebras


  1. […] Algebras from Associative Algebras There is a great source for generating many Lie algebras: associative algebras. Specifically, if we have an associative algebra we can build a lie algebra […]

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  2. […] John Armstrong: Another Existence Proof (of the convergence of the Picard iteration), Gronwall’s Inequality, Lie Algebras […]

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  3. […] a Lie group is a smooth manifold we know that the collection of vector fields form a Lie algebra. But this is a big, messy object because smoothness isn’t a very stringent requirement on a […]

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  4. […] I was all set to start with Lie algebras today, only to find that I’ve already defined them over a year ago. So let’s pick up with a recap: a Lie algebra is a module — usually a vector space over […]

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