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Lie Algebras from Associative Algebras

There is a great source for generating many Lie algebras: associative algebras. Specifically, if we have an associative algebra A we can build a lie algebra L(A) on the same underlying vector space by letting the bracket be the “commutator” from A. That is, for any algebra elements a and b we define


In fact, this is such a common way of coming up with Lie algebras that many people think of the bracket as a commutator by definition.

Clearly this is bilinear and antisymmetric, but does it satisfy the Jacobi identity? Well, let’s take three algebra elements and form the double bracket


We can find the other orders just as easily


and when we add these all up each term cancels against another term, leaving zero. Thus the commutator in an associative algebra does indeed act as a bracket.


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