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I’m still bleary from a 17 hour drive, so I’m punting.

Over at Rigorous Trivialities, Charles has been working for a few weeks on a series of posts about algebraic geometry “from the beginning”. The expository style seems based on a “just-in-time” delivery model, introducing concepts right before they’re needed. Personally, I always worry that this will lead to way too much backtracking when I realize I forgot to mention a whole line of reasoning that I’ve internalized and don’t consciously think about anymore, but which isn’t trivial. But he seems to be pulling this off well.

I know a bit about algebraic geometry myself — my advisor was fond of saying he remembers it having something to do with solving polynomials — and I’ll get to what I know eventually. I’m sure I’ll be referring to Charles’ notes when I do.


January 9, 2008 Posted by | Algebraic Geometry | 2 Comments